cloudie / cookietanukiart
she/her|sapphic bisexual|22|6/10/01 🎂
neurodivergent (adhd+autism)
1/25/20 ♡

♡ about me ♡

hi, i'm cloudie!
im a female artist who specializes in digital art. i tend to experiment with
my pieces, but i mostly draw cute girls
and comfort characters/ships!
i am a college student who strives to
grow as an independent artist and writer. i am the proud owner of CookieTanuki LLC and strive to make it a successful business venture! i am also working on a webcomic series about yokai and japanese folklore :3

♡ my current interests! ♡
(as of 3/1/24)

★ touhou project
★ uma musume
★ splatoon
★ kirby
★ witch from mercury
⭑ higurashi
⭑ xenoblade

comfort characters:

♥ mamizou futatsuiwa
♥ symboli rudolf
♥ rika furude
♥ kirby
♥ yae miko
♥ rika furude

comfort ships:

♥ mamiran
(mamizou x ran)
♥ murateo
(mura x teo, splat ocs)
♥ tekirapu
(texas x lappland)

before you follow me:

  • i retweet spam a lot!

  • i may not reply to every comment i recieve, please don't take it too personally!

  • do NOT repost/use my art without permission.

  • do NOT train my art with AI or sell my work as NFTs.

  • do NOT use my DMs to hold basic conversations. my DMs are for business inquires and/or mutuals & friends only.

  • i follow back based on interactions and similar interests.

do not interact if:

  • you are openly homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, or have any hatred towards minority and oppressed groups of people

  • you support ships that are pedophilic, abusive, or incestual

  • you have right wing ideologies

  • you are here to troll/make fun of my tweets and interests

  • you support NFTs or AI "art"